Knocking Into Things Along The Way
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My Crafting

The story goes this way…  I have sewn sing I was 8 years old.  I helped my grandmother  after she had an accident and like the other girls in the family have sewn since.   Now is mostly for fun.  Once you are retired, the whole  day changes.  You think of all the things you will be doing…… you dont.     I always have a bin or two full of material. So you think of things to make.  Pinterest has been a lot of ideas some work out good some don’t.  Oh yeah keep in mind the part of this which leads to One Blind Mice.  My vision is distorted.  Contrast is fine… black on white…. Green or Red…  but red on red… there is a problem.  So sewing is always a challenge.


What you must understand is that there are lots of mistake, threads I dont see, pins I dont see, and sometimes seams I have to redo three times…….  Alot of times the thread and material are different…… so I can see them..

I started making aprons from old jeans.  Ladies at the gym would bring me jeans and I would make them an apron.






But the problem came with what to do with the rest of the jeans. 






Recently, a lady mentioned that she had a day care center.  I mentioned the aprons, since I had lots of legs and not a lot of new ideas….. I made her aprons for all the kids.  A variety of small sizes and  colors






.  She was very happy as I am told were the kids and this is the cute thank you they sent me.Sso just know that even tho the eye thing may get you down now and then….. or life in general seems a bit tough… even little things like leftover material can make a difference with someone and that all of us are appreciated for  what we can do.

This is very Confusing

Okay i get it, I know I am blind, but Tell me this isn’t confusing.

I used to be able to go into the store and pick up the creamer I like by color….didn’t have to read it…..(with out the  “extra eyes” reading is tough)…  I knew my blue was French Vanilla.

The last time I went to the store to get my creamer and i reached in and grabbed the blue..(which was the majority of what was in the case)   I had no idea till I put it in my coffee that it was Almond Joy.     COCONUT in coffee – blah.

When I went back to get  my French vanilla,  i found  a lot of blue but many different pictures and flavors……

Personally I much preferred  each flavor having its own color.  I know its the blind part of me talking  ——

International Delight

If  you get to see this,,,,,,this is very confusing

to those of us who have trouble seeing……….



You know your too busy when

Some days the blind thing gets me when I least expect it.
Today is one of those days. I have been busseling along, going to the gym, on my bike (bicycle) playing my ipod, dancing and bopping at the intersection. Great…..
I have been getting things ready for our upcoming event….great…..
so where is the problem. All over the house I have magnify glasses. these are all stronger than reading glasses… I have been in three rooms and now find, as i sit down to type at my computer and pick up the glasses that sit here, that I have TWO pairs on my head already, from the other rooms……:)

Blind Technology

My hubby as a beautiful Shiny Red Yamaha Motorcycle that he has decked out for us to ride together on. I do enjoy going out with him.
The blind thing does cause a few problems.
When you sit on the back of the motorcycle in a very comfortable “Ultimate” seat You get the opportunity to look around at the area you are driving in.
I can see the trees, but if something is in the trees — I don’t see it.
You can see the billboards advertising the upcoming attractions. I can see the billboard, I can even tell you that there is a building on the billboard, but have no idea what the promotion is. And we can definatley forget about reading ANY of the exits signs to tell me where I am.
So I had the problem of getting bored. I am not a person to sit and so nothing. i am always on the move and doing something. (Even if I make more gift bags, and don’t even have enough people to give gifts too.}
I tried listening to the radio that is in my helmet, but I ended up with alot of static and terrible stations.
He wants to go on longer trips together and he came up with the most terrific anniversary/birthday present for me. He got me the IPOD Touch.
It has many features that will enable me to use it with my eye problem. It has the touch screen that I envied when my sons showed me their phones and It will hold all my music, and hook into the helmet. i am patiently learning to use it.
I can dance (sorta) and sing (badly) while riding behind him.
My hubby is a terrific guy. He has been there to help me right from the start with the eye thing. Everything that is available to talk to me and help me out he gets me. I am really happy to have this wonderful guy. Happy anniversary 17 years.

Accepting Blind

Yesterday we went to the Motorcycle convention. We have gone the last two years as well. Its a fun way to look at all the different types of motorcycles and see what you want on yours. Needless to say they have many vendors there for all things connected to the cycling world.
We walked all over the convention floor, learned some new things; talked over, discussed things, and got some new things.
But for the first time. I sat on motorcycle, low to the ground, my feet on the floor, the handle bars in my hand, the weight of the bike between my legs. and the thought that I will never be able to drive one, no matter how much I would love it, or want it, didn’t jump into my mind or my eyes.
I guess this means I am accepting this type of blindness, for good. Most other things it doesn’t bother me. I get my books on tape, I got magnifiers all over the house to help me “Look” at things. I drove a car, a “big” truck, a scooter, but I will never be able to drive a motorcycle. No matter how good I look behind the handlebars :) .


II am lucky enough to get books and downloads from the Braille. I am currently “reading” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There is one line that just came over that made me stop and think. He describes the true definition of a Friend. Among all the qualities, a friend is a true friend, when you respect and trust or trust and respect that person. I am lucky that all the people I count as good friends do fit in that category.
Thnax to all my friends.

The Camera Sees what the Blind cannot

Last night my dog Tasha started barking in the yard at midnight.  Tasha is a 9 pound Pomerianan  and thinks she is a mastiff. She has her own door to go out when needed.  But I do not let her bark for more than a minute or two, for the neighbors sake.  She gets to “protect” the house from all those terrible stray cats, and the other night life, but only for that two minutes before I get her back in and in she stays.

But last night the bark was the “Mean” bark.  Something was out there that is not normal.  I went out immediately.  Keep in mind I cant see her in the yard, I can only go by sound.  There is a light on the building behind us, but that only lights up the top of the fence. Read more »

Open Your Eyes, Its Christmas

My Christmas tree is up, I even have two trees.   The big does have a big “bulb” blind spot.  I missed an area.  And I have several of the same ornament next to each other.  Of well.  I love the decorating of the Tree and sitting in the dark with the lights  blinking.

At Christmas, more than any other time, I “look” at all that I have.  Which is alot, I have really great friends, wonderful Family, I have fun with everything I do and I love good Food,

I’m not the most religious person around, but that too is okay with me.  I am happy with myself.  As I open my eyess I see the good the season brings.  Yes I know there are bad people out there  and not every thing is “Cherry and Fun”, but for this time of the year I can believe that it is.

Blonde leading the Blind

Today is the Blondes birthday.  From day one that the Cannolli Sisters became the blone (Theresa) leading  the Bllind (me)  things in life changed.  She is still blonde, and I am still blind, but Life is good and today everything will be a little bit better….Thank you very much Red Peters.

Capable and Not Capable

I actually do alot of things.  I still pack occasionally. for those who are forwarded on to me..  I have the knowlledge to put the items in paper, in a box, and they do not break.

I so a newsletter for a club, and still make mistakes, but for the most part it is informative and current.

I do ride my bicycle around town.  i used to drive a truck, and know to check around me for cars, driveways,  ins and outs.

When I go somewhere unfamiliar, I take my cane.  I rely on those I’m with not to let me walk into a glass window. (It has been done).

But when there is a situation that I  feel I am not capable of doing.  I dont.